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biafra-protest-live-updates-photos-videos-september-23rd-2016-2 Today , Nigeria , Onitsha , ABA , Awka , Enugu , Imo State , Port-Harcourt , Asaba , Abia , Umuahia and Other places , Biafra Protest Live Updates , Photos Videos September 23rd 2016 , Read below with Pictures From Today’s Protest.

Biafrans we must share dis information to save lives of others especially in Biafra land.
As we continue to preach d Gospel of Biafra, I want to assure biafrans and freedom fighters all over d world dat our struggle is legitimate and internationally constitutional.
As our leader Nnamdi KANU expect us to obey d chain of his commands he rightfully put in place before he was kidnapped by Nigerian DSS officials in Lagos.
If d below populations of biafrans can stay at home on Friday 23th and pray for d release of our leader KANU, den d world will understand again dat we r fanatic about our freedom. And soon Biafra will be restored for all to live again happily.biafra-police-arrests-12-ipob-members-over-planned-protest
Buhari let Biafra go now or d economic recession will be worsening day by day as long as KANU is still being detained illegally without any substantial evidence of d false charges against him.
Pls both Igbanke, Idoma, Igala, Ishoko, Ishekiri, Ishogbo, Urobo, Akwa Ibom, Ijaw and Igbo are expected to stay at home tomorrow and ignore anybody dat calls for protest because dat will be an attempt to kill us again. God will guide his people and grant us our heart desires which is Restoration of Biafra on d face of d earth. All hail Biafra. Pls share to others. – Biafrans



Family Writers Correspondence across all sections ofBiafra Land has given an update on the ‘Sit-at-home’ protest which is currently taking places across BiafraLand and environs.

The indoor protest which is scheduled to hold today, September 23 2016, by the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, have early this morning around 9:30am left several cities in Biafra Land deserted, as millions of Biafrans both in Biafra Land and across Nigeria adheres to the protest ‘modus operandi’.

A reporter from Aba, Abia state has disclosed that as at this morning, businesses, schools and transportation companies across the city witnesses a massive shut down as few people are seen parading the roads and streets.

In Onitsha, Anambra states, the hub of Commerce ofBiafra Land also witnessed a massive level of desertion on roads, market and schools. Main market, Ochanja market, Okija market in Onitsha are all shut down. At Nkpor, shops are locked, as similar situation is noticed across Awka Road Onitsha.

In Port-Harcourt, several markets and businesses have all been locked up. Oil tools dealers at Mile 3 Market are nowhere to be found, Motor Parts dealers and Business tycoons at Ikokwu Port-Harcourt, all seem to be enjoying their holiday in their various homes, as Ikokwu Market is completely shut down.biafra-protest-live-updates-photos-videos-september-23rd-2016-1

STEEL VILLAGE at Eleme Rivers state is deserted. Hundreds of shops at Mile 1 Port-Harcourt are locked up, even as Trans-Amadi Oil Tools dealers have all gone on vacation.

Few civil servants and taxi drivers(mostly of Yoruba and Hausa origin) are spotted going about their daily routine.

Enugu also witnessing similar case, as shops in Ogbete Market are locked up. Few cars and people are seen on the roads as the beautiful city looks as if its inhabitants are still at sleep.

Family Writers Correspondence across Biafra Land have reported that hundreds of Military trucks and Police vans have been mounted across various check points, roadsides and other strategic places across BiafraLand, with personnels fully equipped to the teeth like soldiers ready to win a second World War.

Biafrans have been advised to remain indoors, as Human Rights groups have revealed that a “shoot at sight” order have been given to Nigerian military and Police, against any Biafran activist or loyalist seen on the streets or roads with any item or colour that synchronises withBiafraagitation.

More reports and updates will be coming shortly – Biafra Reporter

It will be so stupid if i refused to observe what is right, the sit at home instruction. I’ll not beg anyone either to remember this day 23rd September 2016 and keep it Holy,because it’s an avenue we will use to know who is who, who loves Biafra and who stand with Nnamdi Kanu in distress. Remember, Nnamdi Kanu is where he is today not for his sake but for our sake and that of our children and yet unborn, therefore I’ll reciprocate the undying love he showed to me and millions of Biafrans with my humble prayers to Almighty creator for his immediate release.
I Stand With Biafra! I Stand With Nnamdi Kanu! – Biafra

Biafrans in Biafra Land and any where in the zoo, today is 23rd of sep 2016, the long awaited day for our SIT AT HOME protest in honour of our trusted leader and hero, the prophet of our time who has been kept in illegal detention by the evil forces of the zoo called nigeria for one year now. If you know you are a Biafran and you want Biafra to come, dnnt engage in any commercial activity today. Dont go to market, close your shops and stay at home let the world know that we are seriouse about what we are saying and doing. If you sacrifice today for Biafra and our leader, you will not die, afterall our leader had sacrificed all he is and all he has for Biafra. May Chukwuokikeabiama bless him. – Biafrabiafra-protest-live-updates-photos-videos-september-23rd-2016

I AM NNAMDI KANU I have chosen death, I shall die for Biafra and let my death give my generation a better life, let my death be a guarantee for a better future, let my death be your smile and let my death end your marginalization, subjugation, slavery and tears. I am Nnamdi Kanu the lion that chose death over the abuse of his people. I instead die than renounce Biafra, give me Biafra or kill me is where I stand. I have been arrested for nothing, I am a prisoner of conscience, they are here to break me, to make me renounce Biafra but they don’t know me, they don’t know Biafra is my religion and they don’t know renouncing Biafra is a death sentence, is like committing suicide. In their widest dream shall I commit suicide and I assure them that days of reckoning will come, for Chiukwuokikeabiama shall avenge the death of His children. I have taken an oath with the name of God that I shall never betray or give up Biafra because I knew this day will come. I am physically and psychologically prepared for this period. I took the oath and staked my family, my generations and everything I am, and so giving up Biafra in any condition is impossible, even at gun point, I will only accept my inevitable death than renounce Biafra. – Nnamdi Kanu

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