Big catch! See faces of arrested Boko Haram terrorists (photos)

– The Nigerian army has arrested a group of people believed to be members of Boko Haram terrorist group

– The suspects had allegedly participated in various terrorist attacks and cattle rustling

– Recovered cows were handed over to the cattle market committee that will return them to the rightful owners

Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, the acting director on army public relations, keeps informing general public on successful operations of the Nigerian army in their fight with terrorist Boko Haram group.

boko haram newsThe suspected Boko Haram terrorits under arrest

In what could be described as bumper harvest in the wave of arrests of escaping and infiltrating remnants of Boko Haram terrorists in the north east, troops of Operation Lafiys Dole with assistance of Civilian JTF, have arrested quite a number in Maiduguri and Mafa.

boko haram terrorists3They reportedly took part in various attacks and cattle rustling

Yesterday afternoon, at Kasuwar Shanu (cattle market), one Abur Modu Magaji was apprehended by Civilian JTF and handed over to troops.


Preliminary investigation shows that he admitted to rustling 45 cows from Saleh Mohamed with 20 other Boko Haram terrorists at gun point. He however cooperated and assisted in pointing out 7 other suspected terrorists at Mafa road checkpoint.

boko haram terrorists1It could be described as bumper harvest in the wave of Boko Haram arrests

The 3 suspects Ibrahim Chari, Bulama Magaji and Nde Ngude were positively identified as Boko Haram terrorists group members that he had operated with in the past, while 4 others; Mustafa Fannami, Abubakakar Modu, Mohammed Merai and Abur Mustafa bought cows from him out of the stolen animals.

Similarly, Bakura Agwala, Jatau Yaga and Umar Modu were arrested at a checkpoint along Maiduguri-Mafa road by troops with the assistance of Civilian JTF. The suspects also confessed that they were involved in attacks and livestock rustling.

boko haram terrorists2Investigation is still ongoing, stolen animals will be handed over to the owners

Additionally, at about 5.00pm yesterday, troops also arrested Abacha Umar and Umar Babagana at cattle market. Preliminary investigation shows that the suspects were from Bama and had participated in various Boko Haram terrorists attacks and cattle rustling.

The suspects have been handed over to Joint Investigation Committee, while 18 recovered cows have been handed over to the cattle market committee for screening and identification and subsequent hand over to their rightful owners.


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