Fan Blast Viktoh YBNL Calls Him a Motherfuck3r – see Viktoh reply

Fan Blast Viktoh YBNL Calls Him a Motherfuck3r

Nigerian performing Artiste, Viktoh chooses to be matured in his actions and words after a bitter fan came out to assault him and questioned his music.

In his words of destructive criticism, the fan wrote:

“Wetin you wan sing motherfvcking idiot @viktoh_ybnl”“@viktoh_ybnl your songs are crap only if I had the chance you had I would have been a worldwide… A$$ licking fool”

Viktoh responded to these insulting statements by capturing and uploading them on his Instagram wall where he tactically wrote:

“Beware of cyber bullies so I went through this Instagram page and I see recording and performing artist my brother @gbounceofficial no hard feelings but if you have personal issues with me you can always come out straight don’t attack my music okay I believe in ur hustle just work harder and you will be there I work hard for mine and I’m not stopping there so work more on urself before you come for me okay. God bless you! Please my people let’s help him let’s hear the kind of music he does he is very young”


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