He got tired of being robbed, so he decided to teach the thief an incredible lesson

Lately, this community in the United States has been under the siege of thieves, the most curious thing is that nobody has seen them and they always do the same thing: they steal the packages left by the postal services at the house’s doors.

But this man got tired of the situation a decided to take matters into his own hands…

La nube de algodón

With a little help, he designed a surprise box that would give the scoundrel a lesson. He also installed cameras to catch the thief and expose him.

The package contained a mechanism that literally would blow the box up. That would take away the criminal’s desire to keep acting up.

La nube de algodón

The day arrived and everything was set: the camera was on, and the package was placed in the regular place. They didn’t have to wait for too long to see the guy showing up and committing his habitual crime, with the difference that this time, a few meters from the house, box blew up and scared the guy so much that he ran away in his car.

Without doubts, that was the last time he tried, at least at that house.

La nube de algodón


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