Hot girls eat hot pepper, but fun almost ended in tragedy for one of them!

These two cute girls decided to film a video for their YouTube channel. They had to eat some extra hot pepper. How this story has ended is horrible, but the video did get viral!

eating hot pepper

Presently almost 7 million people have watched this “show”. Lizzy is just 18 and her friend Sabrina is 22. By this age both girls should have gotten enough brain to understand how dangerous such experiments could be.

But they did not! Scoville pepper is 300 times hotter than the famous Tabasco. Eating an entire Carolina Reaper can cause profuse sweating, vomiting, stomach cramps, and an extreme burning sensation from the tongue to the stomach.


Here is how one of the girls describes her sensations:

“It felt like a fire burst in my mouth. I burned the roof of my mouth so that felt extremely weird and painful. On a scale from 1/10 it’s 1,000,000! It was so hard to handle!  It was one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced.”

Watch the video to see it with your own eyes!

These girls acted dumb. So never try to repeat their experiments at home!


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