“You inspire me Mr Mark Zuckerberg” – 11-year-old Nigerian Game developer says

"You inspire me Mr Mark Zuckerberg" - 11-year-old Nigerian Game developer says
Mark Zuckerberg Meets With Tayo 11-year-old Nigerian Game developer spike rush gameGreat people are great learners and never satisfied with knowledge and can learn from anyone. Tayo sounds Nigerian and I’m proud of youngsters like him with inventive minds,Tayo is a light on a lamp-stand. It costs nothing to be an encourager and it’s a trait that is highly needed in this broken world. You inspire me Mr Mark Zuckerberg, keep it up!
Indeed , That’s dope you just dropped the name of the kid’s app. Good on you man. This one thing is gonna change everything for him and probably motivate him to be the next big tech guy. Really awesome

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