What kind of pre-wedding pictures are these?

As exciting as the preparation for a wedding can be, it is also exhilarating. Some couples feel so worn out running from one place to another in order to ensure they have a great day. 

What is wrong with these pre-wedding pictures?

Some brides lose weight over the preparation as they want to make sure everything is fine. Coordinating friends and ensuring everyone gets asoebi is a task many ladies consider stressful. Many will avoid it if they could.

As stressful as it is to plan a wedding, couples look forward to the part where they have to go for the pre-wedding photoshoot. This the perfect time to have fun and look good while at it. We have seen different kinds of pre-wedding pictures.

Some couples leave the shores of the country to go take the pictures in some exotic place. Every couple simply wants to outdo the others and they go for themes that are unique and beautiful. Taking pre-wedding pictures require lots of planning as couples want to look good in the pictures they take.

These are the pictures their friends and well-wishers will put up as display pictures at the long run. Some place them on the souvenirs that will be shared on the wedding day.

This couple’s pictures have gone viral after they were released. People have expressed their views on them. The plus size bride-to-be caught people’s attention in the picture where she tried catching the groom.

See some of the other pictures below:

1. Spot what is wrong in this picture

What is wrong with these pre-wedding pictures?

Everything seems perfect but for the space created by the button hole. Why does it have to be at that spot? Being plus size is beautiful if you wear the right size of shirt.

2. Curvy

What is wrong with these pre-wedding pictures?

The groom is definitely lucky to have a pretty plus size as a fiancee.

3. Did the groom use lipstick too?

What is wrong with these pre-wedding pictures?

The groom wanted to be fine at all cost. We are finding it hard to believe that is the colour of his lips.

4. Together forever

What is wrong with these pre-wedding pictures?

Man will always strive for perfection, marriage is a life-long journey that requires active participation of couples involved. We wish this pair a lifetime of happiness and joy.


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