Man Caught Driving a wooden car in Abuja, Nigeria

“This car was made by a man from Bida in NIger state, Nigeria. He drove it all the way from Niger state to the 2016 Expo held in Abuja. Car body is made from local wood.

Let’s celebrate him…” See pictures below:

man-drives-wooden-car-to-2016-expo-in-abuja-viviangist-com-3man-drives-wooden-car-to-2016-expo-in-abuja-viviangist-com-6man-drives-wooden-car-to-2016-expo-in-abuja-viviangist-com-2man-drives-wooden-car-to-2016-expo-in-abuja-viviangist-com-1man-drives-wooden-car-to-2016-expo-in-abuja-viviangist-com-5Man drives wooden car to 2016 Expo in Abuja.

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