OMG! What this woman did to a crocodile will make you cringle!

This happened in Australia’s Northern Territory a crocodile was warned off by a woman and her flip flop! So in this video the woman and her dog are seen at the edge of the water at Cahill’s Crossing on the East Alligator River, in Kakadu National Park, when a crocodile swims towards them.

The woman is so calm, she simple takes off her flip flop and slaps it against her hand, and that worked! She made the crocodile to retreat. Well, don’t try to repeat that!


Anyway, Lyndon Anlezark, local crocodile enthusiast who filmed the video, told that he hopes the footage makes people think twice before putting themselves in such danger.

“It’s just incredible someone would take such a risk. I don’t think she realised how dangerous this kind of behaviour is,” Anlezark said.

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