Ondo 2016: APC Crisis, A “Storm In A Tea Cup” -Party

The All Progressives Congress in Ondo State has described the crisis in the Party as a mere ‘storm in a tea cup’ that needs not lose sleep over, because it would be resolved naturally in due course.

Speaking to journalists in Akure, the Party’s Publicity Secretary, Omo’ba Abayomi Adesanya said, “there is no crisis in our Party. What we have is just a mere ‘storm in a tea cup’ that will settle down naturally when the ‘tea spoon’ is removed from the cup. The good people of Ondo State need not worry about it at all. APC is one big indivisible family. A misunderstanding between an identical twins brothers will vanish in no time. That is exactly what we are experiencing in our Party today”.

Adesanya advised the People’s Democratic Party in the State not to waste their time by making ‘a mountain out of a molehill’ of the crisis in APC. Rather, PDP should be preoccupied with the polarization that has engulfed it, with near impossibility of having a single candidate for the November governorship poll. He reiterated that, the APC crisis is just ‘a storm in a tea cup’ that is inevitable in a sane society.

The Party, therefore urged all party members and leaders to go back to their trenches to begin mass mobilization and campaigns for the Party, pending when campaigns committee and other various ones is put in place across board.

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